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BEER QUARTET | The Ultimate Beer Learning Game | 32 Beer Styles from around the world from Alt to Zwickel | 100+ Food Pairing Tips | 2-4 Players

BEER QUARTET | The Ultimate Beer Learning Game | 32 Beer Styles from around the world from Alt to Zwickel | 100+ Food Pairing Tips | 2-4 Players

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BIERZEUG presents THE BEER QUARTET – Informative, entertaining, and unique.

🍻 The classic card game featuring 32 beer styles from around the world from Alt to Zwickel, including over 100 food pairing tips 🍻

Looking for an exciting way to expand your beer knowledge, have fun, and impress your friends at the next beer tasting? Then the BEER QUARTET is just for you!

Dive into the adventurous world of beer with the BEER QUARTET. Play, quiz, and learn – your journey to beer expertise has never been so much fun! This unique card game combines a wealth of knowledge about (almost) all beer styles in the world.

Each card is a journey through the history and taste of beer, enriched with loving details and precise information e.g., about original gravity, alcohol content, and bitterness, transforming you from a curious beginner to a seasoned beer connoisseur. Whether you are an enthusiastic beer lover or homebrewer, a quartet game enthusiast, or someone who simply enjoys a sociable beer tasting with friends, this game is your ticket to entertaining and educational evenings.

Unique Features of the BEER QUARTET:

🍺 Discover Beer Diversity: From Alt to Zwickel, traverse 32 beer styles across 8 different beer categories:

German Ales, Belgian Ales, Pale Ales, Stouts & Porters, Fruit & Sour Beers, Lagers, Regional Lagers, and Bock Beers. Your taste buds will dance with joy!

🍽️ Become a Food Pairing Master: Over 100 food pairing tips guide you through the culinary complementation of beers. Discover perfect harmonies between beer types and cheeses, main dishes, and desserts, both meat-based and vegetarian.

For instance, find out which beer goes perfectly with carrot cake, roasted duck, or Emmental cheese.

🧐 Quench Your Thirst for Knowledge: Beer is not just beer! Learn the differences, the history, and unique facts about your favorite beers.

Amaze your friends with fascinating beer stories, such as the origin of Porter beer among London dockworkers, Imperial Stout as a gift to Russian Tsarina Catherine the Great, or what IPA actually has to do with India.

👥 Fun for Beer Lovers: Whether you want to test and expand your beer knowledge alone or spend a fun and educational time with friends – the BEER QUARTET is the perfect companion for your game night for up to 4 beer fans.

Whether you're a beer novice or an experienced (craft) beer pro – this game offers you hours of fun and learning.

🥇 Quality You Can Feel: The game comes in a high-quality design on printed cards made from sturdy playing card cardboard, packaged in an environmentally sustainable folding box. A product that looks and feels as good as it plays.

❤️ Locally Designed with Love: Every detail of the game was designed with love in Cologne and represents the beer culture of this historic city.

🎁 Perfect Gift: The BEER QUARTET is the ideal gift for every beer lover and is great for birthdays, celebrations, beer tastings, or just as a surprise.

This game is not just a card game, it is an invitation to get to know and appreciate the surprisingly diverse world of beer. With the BEER QUARTET, you will become a beer expert in no time!

Ready to take your beer knowledge to the next level? Order your BEER QUARTET now and learn all about the world of beer.

Material: Playing cards made from 305gsm cardboard in a folding box.

Available in either German or English.

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