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KraftBIERbaum | The magnet tree for your craft beer crowns | Handmade upcycling | Craft beer bottle | Holds 60+ crown caps

KraftBIERbaum | The magnet tree for your craft beer crowns | Handmade upcycling | Craft beer bottle | Holds 60+ crown caps

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BIERZEUG presents the "KraftBIERbaum" "KraftBIERbaum" – The magnetic tree for your craft beer crowns!

Hey craft beer fans, pay attention! Your search for the ultimate party highlight is over - say hello to the "KraftBIERbaum" from BIERZEUG! This hand-crafted marvel is not just a bottle cap collector, but the secret star of every party.

Imagine that every new bottle of Brewdog is not only a treat for your palate, but also a sporting event: Who will hit the "KraftBIER tree" with their bottle cap? Yes, you heard right - we're making the cap throwing a new discipline!

Equipped with an ultra-strong magnet, our "KraftBIERbaum" holds over 60 bottle caps firmly in its grip. You can pop, flick and clack as much as you like - your magnetic tree will catch them all. And the party afterwards? Your "KraftBIERbaum" stands there as the proud bottle cap winner and can even be useful in the office as a stylish paper clip holder.

Gift for the man who already has everything? Check! Father's Day? Birthday? Just because? The "KraftBIERbaum" is the right answer for every occasion. It's practical, ecological, unique - and pretty cool.

So, let the bottles fly, the bottle caps snap and the hearts beat faster. The "KraftBIERbaum" is more than a gift, it is the ticket to an unforgettable evening full of laughter, craft beer and friendship. Beer open - lid on - fun times ten! Cheers!

Height: 24cm
Material: glass, magnet

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*** Hints
- Keep magnets away from children (risk of swallowing)
- Keep magnets away from pacemakers.
- Magnets are brittle and can break or splinter if subjected to strong impacts.
- Keep magnets away from things like TVs, computers, credit/debit cards, speakers, etc.
- Magnets contain nickel, therefore do not use if you are allergic to nickel.

DISCLAIMER: We have nothing to do with the registered trademarks of the manufacturers. Only the empty containers of the companies were used for upcycling. The brand names listed as well as the designs of the manufacturer's and product's containers are used only for identification purposes and are the property of the manufacturer. It is explicitly stated that these are empties from the companies mentioned. Slight signs of wear cannot therefore be ruled out. All conversions were carried out by hand by BIERZEUG and are not by the company mentioned.

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